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About Greg Krabbe

Greg Krabbe has an extensive background in both the engineering and development industries.  Having worked on both sides of the industry he has a rare understanding of entitlement difficulties from the owner’s point of view and the engineer’s point of view. Mr. Krabbe has over 25 years of experience centered primarily around residential and commercial development, most of which consists of large scale plat developments and master plans.  He was a partner with Triad Associates, a recognized and reputable company in the development industry, before becoming an engineering consultant with an emphasis on permitting and entitlement. Mr. Krabbe has worked with Winward Real Estate Services for over 10 years.

About Dan Wachtler

Dan Wachtler’s thoughtful, methodical and solution-focused approach to work was formed during his time at the University of Washington, where he earned his degree in construction management. For eitht years, Dan gained valuable experience owning his own company, and produced over 100 homes in the region. Through a partnership with the Windward Real Estate team, he has proven commercial construction concepts multiple times. He has put this skillset to use with stints in Zambia and Cambodia, overseeing school construction projects. Dan has mastered a variety of modeling and technical drawing techniques, which allow him to bring design visions to life and have the foresight to solve problems before they happen.