Building 5

9,830+ TOTAL SQ FT

Anchoring the top corner of the Yard, this spacious two-story building is ideal for a winery wanting to claim a new space in Woodinville’s wine-tasting market. With guaranteed foot traffic from the neighboring luxury hotel and surrounding neighborhood, and Woodinville’s reputation has the wine-tasting mecca of the state, this is the perfect venue for a winery seeking to new inroads into the market.

With close to 5,000 square feet of space on the Yard level, this large venue is the ideal location for a winery to host tasting events, parties, or new product launches. The building’s corner lot location, next to a roundabout where vehicles naturally slow, and ample underground parking make it the ideal destination for day trippers visiting Woodinville’s celebrated wineries.
On the second level, a 2,540-square-foot space provides views overlooking the Yard and is perfect for private tasting events. With more than 26,000 vehicle trips per day passing through the nearby roundabout, this venue will have high visibility.

2,321 SQ FT
4,943 SQ FT
2,540 SQ FT