Building 3

17,240+ TOTAL SQ FT

Sited on a prominent corner by the roundabout, where cars will naturally slow down, Building 3 is a prime location for food and beverage purveyors. This two-story building also has easy access to nearby ballfields and is a logical place for people to gather after a softball or soccer game. Although Building 3 is able to provide a two-level restaurant location, ideally there will be restaurants/bars on both levels operating independently from one another.

At the Yard level, the 3,575-square-foot restaurant/bar space has generous outdoor seating areas on three sides, including seating space on the Yard, so customers can dine alfresco and people watch. On the street level, two spaces with a combined area of over 6,500 square feet also come with outdoor seating and easy access to pedestrian traffic and bike traffic from the nearby trail.

On the Yard level, the north end of the building is envisioned to be a signature fast casual restaurant. The south end will be a wine-tasting location of similar size with an outdoor patio facing southwest, above the main entry for cars.

On the street level, the current vision is for mostly retail and impulse food players. This level could also house a smaller wine-tasting business located closer to the stairs leading to the Yard. Businesses on this level will enjoy plenty of foot traffic.

6,198 SQ FT
989 SQ FT
Sit Down
3,575 SQ FT
Patio Seating
948 SQ FT